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Words from the principal

     Xinghua Elementary School was established over 100 years ago on March 4, 1913. This school, with rich literature, history and ecology, is located in the Beixinzhuang region at the northwest foot of Mt. Datun.There are rich natural ecology and beautiful sceneries on the campus all year round. Camphor trees, Chinese tallow trees, banyans, cherry blossoms, camellias and sweet osmanthus surround the campus. Dozens of different species of ferns cover the stone walls, tree trunks and paths, embellishing the school. Animals, such as Formosan blue magpies, gray tree pies, Japanese white-eyes, Chinese bulbuls, Taiwan barbets, Swinhoe's japalura and butterflies, move around in between the greens and trees, filling the campus with life. These are all living textbooks for students to learn from, as well as our school-based program.
     Whenever spring approaches, over eighty cherry trees bloom, making the campus beautiful and luxuriant. For the school anniversary, we organize the Cherry Blossom Festival Series and carry out activities, such as sports meets, arts and culture exhibition, food fair, hiking and road running, three-on-three basketball matches and bicycle challenge, to enrich students’ learning contents as well as develop students’ diverse talents.
    In order to strengthen the basic competency of our students and establish the footstone of successful learning, the school implements the school exit accreditation system. For example, there are standards to meet before they are promoted to junior high school for reading, English vocabulary, bicycling, swimming, recorder playing, community service, facts on Xinghua, etc.
     The school provides diverse natural ecology, artistic campus space, advanced teaching equipment, innovative teaching activities, interesting learning experience, various club activities, and abundant reading activities. On the campus, students cultivate the affection toward life. They develop superior intellect through diverse learning activities and experience the joy of learning with innovative teaching.
     Based on the principles of “students first”, “prioritized teaching”, “administrative support”, “parent participation” and “prosper together with the community”, the school has created a high quality learning environment with innovative teaching methods and diverse learning activities for students to develop adaptively and diversely. The school also foster students to have“good morals, health and competency”.
     The school also develops school-based curriculums and featured events for every student to become the “green angel” who cares ecology, the “little warrior” who loves sports and the “little smart doctor” who enjoys reading. Students learn happily and grow healthily on the beautiful campus.
      Existing for over a century, Xinghua Elementary School has a long history and glorious performance. However, due to reduction in community population and impact of deceasing birth rate, the number of students has lowered to less than one hundred, making us a mini school with only six classes. With the effort of the entire faculty and the support of parents, we deepen school-based curricula, develop campus ecology as well as arts and culture features, promote physical education and sports, cultivate reading education, plan diverse club activities and innovative teaching methods, and initiate learning by experience. We have created a school that is not only small and beautiful but also exquisite and of high quality. It is the school where every student who has studied at is successful.