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  Mission And Vision  

A. Vision: cultivate truth, virtue and beauty seeking children of the new century.

(A) Truth seeking: studiousness, efficiency, quality

(B) Virtue seeking: harmony, care, service

(C) Beauty seeking: humanism, nature, health


B. Educational Objectives

1. Give children a key to “lifetime learning” for opening the world’s treasure house of knowledge: promote the practice of reading.

2. Give children a “wisdom gaining” sword for meeting the challenge of life ahead: cultivate children’s problem solving ability and attitude.

3. Give children a set of codes to “happy growth” for activating a healthy and joyful life: help children to truly value themselves, respect other, care for society and commune with nature from within their hearts.

4. Give teachers a stage to “show professionalism” for implementing educational objectives: further advanced study, communication mechanism, administrative support, full delegation.


5. Give parents a chance to “participate voluntarily” for providing a space for parents and teachers to grow together: parent-teacher meeting, parental education, volunteer system.