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  School Environment Features  

 Old trees

Century old camphor trees, Chinese tallow trees and banyans guard the campus. They are learning and growing with all teachers and students.


 Cherry Blossom Avenue

Over 70 cherry blossom trees are scattered around the campus. When they bloom, the campus is overwhelmed by beautiful sights.


 Xinghua Farm

Education is life and experience is learning. Students grow vegetables under the instructions of teachers. By growing vegetables, observing, planting, caring, harvesting and cooking, they learn practical knowledge of farming, as well as enjoy a poison-less, organic and healthy life.


 Long-standing Graffiti Wall

March 4, 2013 was the school’s 100th anniversary. Combing school-based curricula and the feature of cherry blossoms, students and teachers created the Ceramic Graffiti Wall together, forming the utmost beautiful mark for the 100th anniversary of the school.


 Rich in ferns

Because of the moist climate, the campus contains dozens of species of ferns, such as nest fern, little-leaf lemmaphyllum, maidenhair, tuberous sword fern, disparate brake, fortune microsorium and Japanese felt fern. These ferns are all living textbooks for students to learn from.


 Literary Hallway

This is the hallway between the 1F and 2F of the Teaching Building. Through design and colored drawings, the hallway which was once dull turned into a beautiful reading corner. Students rest and read here freely.


 Artistic Stairway

To celebrate the school’s 100th anniversary, senior students made patterned ceramic plates to be decorated on the both sides of the stairways in arts and crafts class. These not only embellish the stairways which were once dull but also filled the campus with an artistic atmosphere.