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  School Activities  


Parent-Teacher-Student Talent Show and Costume Party 

The “Parent-Teacher-Student Talent Show and Costume Party” has been held every December for 17 years so far. It is not only a tradition but also a feature of our school. This event combines school-based curricula and humanities courses with activities, such as team performance, students’ talent show, individuals’ fashion show, and lottery drawing. This event not only encourages students’ creativity but also promotes diverse intellectual learning, adding warmth to the cold winter.

Cherry Blossom Festival Series 

Beixinzhuang Bicycle Challenge

In order to coordinate with the sports population multiplication scheme by facilitating the development of school physical education activities, as well as to promote children’s mental and physical health and enhance bicycling skills, we organized the “Beixinzhuang Bicycle Challenge” during the “Cherry Blossom Festival”. Through this event, the children were guided to  appreciate the beauty of our homeland and develop their love for hometown.


Cherry Blossom Three-on-Three Basketball Match

As part of the Cherry Blossom Festival Series, this event invited the participation of teachers and students from nearby schools to promote inter-school physical education through basketball competition. Sports help students form good leisure habits and develop the sportsmanship by cooperating with team members.

Cherry Blossom Road Running

In order to enhance students’ mental and physical health, as well as advance their long distance running skills, the school organized the “Cherry Blossom Road Running” as part of the Cherry Blossom Festival Series. This event allows students to know the beauty of hometown and cultivate their home loving spirit.


Judo Team:

Established in 2006, the Judo Team recruits student who are interested in and talented at Judo. Under the instruction of the coach and the students’ efforts, they have achieved excellent performance over the years in municipal and national competitions. We even became a key school in the physical education of Judo in 2010, which is an extraordinary achievement for a school with less than 100 students. Through practicing Judo, children’s physical functions interactions with people are developed. Under the comprehensive Training System planned by the New Taipei City Government, these students are offered to enter the nearby junior and senior high schools, such as Zhengde Junior High School and Zhuwei High School, for further training in Judo.

Recorder Team:

 Our recorder team has been receiving the funds for educational priority area from the Ministry of Education since 2005. This ten-year-old club is a feature of the school. Recorder Team practices very hard after school and the teachers instruct them painstakingly. The team has received second place several times in the New Taipei City music competition and performed in various large events held in the school. They have not only honored themselves and the school but also cultivated the good taste of music appreciation.  

Xinghua green farmers: “Happiness – Little Farmer Club”


“Green fingers – Living taste and ecology energy”
“Xinghua Farm – Happiness of Little Green Farmers” gathers children’s internal natural dynamic. Through planting and being close to earth, students are cooperative and friendly, and they learn from the earth, farming, climate and participating partners.


We plant vegetables, fruits, sweet grass and local produce. Through “learning by doing”, we are farmers who enjoy experience-oriented learning. Some say that one has to have the experience of being a farmer to understand the subtlety of ecology’s internal change. This is exactly the value of the Principal and teachers accompanying the children in creating and extending new possibilities.


We connect the practical aspects of life and appreciate the flourishing and rich earth for giving and accepting. When implementing low carbon and green energy care, we do not forget to relax, slow down, and savor the new taste brought by seasonal vegetable and fruits, sweet grass, and local produce.


Diverse reading activities

(1)         Dynamic reading: the activity has been held by each class every semester, which provides students with the opportunity of speaking up in front of others and activate learning -by-reading.

(2)         CommonWealth Magazine Hope Reading: through the “CommonWealth Magazine Hope Reading Foundation”, we have introduced reading passports, point identification and trivia games to enhance the fun in reading.

(3)         Story-telling mommies, big brothers and big sisters enhance interest toward reading.

(4)         10 min morning reading: each class carries out silent reading at 7:50-8:00 every morning to cultivate interest toward reading and enhance learning effect.

School exit Accreditation 

 Combined with the school’s feature course program, this accreditation event is an unforgettable and beautiful memory.

(1) Swimming     (2) Bicycling     (3) Story-telling by elder brothers and sisters

(4) Campus Ecology   (5) Community Service    (6) Music Appreciation   (7) English Vocabulary

 Diverse Club Activities 

Club activities have been held on Wednesdays ever since 2013. Besides Judo, track and field, and recorder team, we also have the cheerleader team, fun in painting club, arts and literature club, Japanese club, calligraphy club, ecology club, modern drama club, etc.

Arts and Culture: 

         “Develop (Xing)” contently; “talents (Hua)” are shown simply

A.          Rooting campus arts and culture education; enriching campus aesthetic environment.

B.          Strengthening foundation of students’ aesthetic creativity; establishing basis for arts and culture learning.

C.          Constructing features of school-based curricula; implementing and promoting arts and culture education.

D.          Enhancing teachers’ professional arts and culture connotation; refining quality of arts and culture teaching.

E.           Combining community’s local arts and culture resources; expanding vision for learning arts and culture.

         We expect:

A.          Self-enhancement

Through the professional teaching activities and resident artists, school teachers observe, learn and self-enhance the arts and culture teaching.

B.          Sustainable curricula

Through expanding practical teaching operation, the structure and contents of the ceramic art course is constantly modified and operating, allowing ceramic art teaching to be truly implemented.

C.          Connection of affections

Featured courses integrating public art on campus, which not only deepens students’ identification and sense of honor, but also establishes their love for their homeland and school. School features and historical inheritance will leave the same imprints.

D.          Advantage development


The resident artists, taking advantage of arts and culture equipment, lead the students on a journey of solid and fun ceramic art learning and experiencing the high peak of art creation.