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  School Introduction  


     Xinghua Elementary School is a long-established school located in Beixinzhuang, Sanzhi District. “Xiao-Keelung Public School Beixinzhuang Campus” was first founded on March 4, 1913. It was granted independence and renamed “Beixinzhuang Public School” on April 1, 1921. The school name was changed to “Sanzhi District Hsinhua National School” on August 1, 1946; it was changed again to “Sanzhi District Xinghua National School” on August 1, 1953. On August 1, 1968, the name of the school was changed to Sanzhi District Xinghua Elementary School”. When Taipei County was promoted to a municipality, the name was changed to “New Taipei Municipal Sanzhi District Xinghua Elementary School” since December 25, 2010.
      With Mt. Yangming behind and Tamsui River in the front, numerous talents have been cultivated on the beautiful and quiet campus over the years. The school is currently led by Principal Lee Lian-Cheng (taking post since August, 2015), with 15 teachers, one nurse, one assistant, two guards, one coach and two kitchen workers employed. There are 6 regular classes and one kindergarten class, a total of 60 students (41 elementary students and 17 kindergarteners as of September, 2015). This is a rural elementary school built in a pure natural fashion. It offers modern learning environment and creative space as well as warm, happy and harmonious campus atmosphere andethics . The school spares no effort to promote different types ofextra-curricular programs in a sophisticated and practical manner, such as “Art Culturing – Ceramic Art Teaching”, “Education First – Recorder Club”, “Physical Ed. Focus – Judo Club” and “Ecology Club –Xinghua’s Little Farmers”. People from local community care very much for education, so along with the Parents’ Association, the school promotes school affairs actively, replenishes educational equipment, improves teaching methods and enhance educational quality to continuously advance and develop equally in quantity and quality.

1.By car: Drive toward Tamsui from Taipei (passing Hongshulin Metro Station), take Tamjin Highway (Teng-hui Avenue), turn right on Sec. 1, Beixin Road, and after you reach Sec. 3, the campus should be about 7-10 minutes away.

2.Public transportation: Take Metro and get off at Tamsui Station, go to the bus stop across the street (beside Workinghouse and Mos Burger) and take Tamsui Bus (ROUTE: To Beixinzhuang/Beixinzhuang) to reach the school.
 3.Open to public:
Weekdays: 06:00-07:00, 16:00-18:00.